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Posting here for LFII question on Pachemi

Posting here for LFII question on Pachemi

Postby gala1954 » Sat Dec 05, 2015 5:57 am

Here is my response to a question about surviving Pachemi.

This was a question posted by another player on the LFIII spoiler discussions: "With what to beat Pachami's hornets?"

Since Pachemi is in LF II, I have posted my reply here as well. Here goes my spoiler for this. This past time I played I KILLED everything without getting killed at all... no poisoning, etc. that destroys your players. What a frustrating place this can BE!!! But I will post a spoiler as to what I did with this.

Spoiler: show
First off, complete the Terror of Guth quest so you can get the book teaching Wendala Heroes of the Deport.

Next, make sure you get the quest for Fake Laxius Force, also, so you won't have to waste more food rations, etc., to go back to Pachemi later.

Equip your people as follows: Luci - Daghamaen Rod, inverness bracers (Ashkbar's arena win), x-rr3 headphones, martyr mail, fasr shoes
Random - 666 blade, mist glaze, good helmet, gaes horned armor, luck ring
Wendala - torrent blade, mist glaze, legendra helmet, elven armor, dancer's pinnacle (or something which boosts Wendie's mind as much as possible)
Tarabulla - fire touch, madu, granalite cap, fire barrier, magma eye

Make sure you put the Legendra Helmet on Wendala, not Random -- her carnage spell is awesome and needs to come right before Luci's lava wall spell to wipe EVERYTHING out in one round and before the hornets attack.

Now for the strategy:
Before EVERY battle (you gotta be quick with this -- stand in the pinch point and only one hornet at a time can touch you at a time to initiate the battle)
1. Wendie Ritual of hero
2. Luci - half-goddess aura
3. Tara - mind burn
4. Random - Use metallist curse on queen hornet -- REPLAY this battle until the Queen Hornet drops the Sharp Spike shield for Cindy and also for Wendie against the Phoenix God much later in LFIII)
Use fire wire with Random and Tara on groups (really didn't need this much as Wendie and Luci were AWESOME!, lava wall with Luci, and carnage with Wendie.gala1954
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Re: Posting here for LFII question on Pachemi

Postby Indinera » Sat Dec 05, 2015 12:17 pm

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