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Here is a list of helpful bits of information borrowed from the Official Guide's sample about The King's Heroes.


In Story/Easy Modes:
Since the monsters are low in HP, characters able to attack fast are the best in these modes.
Favor speed in general, in those modes.
Some suggestions:
Minister/Priestess of Savior - Commander/Crusader - Archer - Pyro-Witch/Magneto-Witch

In Normal/Hard Modes:
This mostly requires good balance between the characters. You must have a good hitter, a good healer, a good magician. The Monk is an interesting pick as he is both good at hitting and using some decent spells.
Some suggestions:
Commander/Rogue - Priestess of Savior/Monk/Paladin - Magneto-Witch - Archer

In Maniac/Attack Modes:
The hardest modes in the game requires a very skilled and knowledgeable player.
If you know how to play, the Minister will be a great asset (you shouldn't be playing these modes if you don't, anyway). The Commander is a versatile character, and the Transfo-Witch has some interesting supporting spells. The Magneto-Witch can learn to paralyze early on, which is very useful when monsters have a lot of HPs. Dark magic users are good if you know how to use them.
Some suggestions:
Minister - Commander - Transfo-Witch - Paladin
Priestess of Savior - Magneto-Witch - War Monk - Rogue
Dark Knight/Priestess of the Pentacle - Monk - Rogue/Minister - Commander

Of course - these are just suggestions. Feel free to come up with the associations you find best!


In this game, you will have to collect 9 Rings. Each time you find one, if you have defeated ALL the enemies in the dungeon, you get a bonus. Try to obtain these by clearing up the dungeon entirely.

EASY MODE: this mode will reduce the enemy side's HPs by half, allowing you to blast through fights much more easily. Recommended for players who, err, like it easy. See STORY MODE below for players who like it even easier.

NORMAL MODE: monsters have 80% of their HPs. This is a good mode for regular RPG players.

HARD MODE: full 100% HP for monsters, a difficult mode in the pure tradition of Aldorlea Games. Go for NORMAL or EASY if you like your RPGs easier than our usual production.

STORY MODE: with only 25% of their total HP, monsters can be defeated easily if you manage to have all your characters play before them.

MANIAC MODE: opposite of the STORY MODE, this uber difficult mode gives 50% more HP to the monsters. This can require you to find all the goodies (ie know the game very well) and train your characters a bit. Composing a good party is also essential in this mode.

ATTACK MODE: this fun mode alters the gameplay quite a lot, allowing you to play it with a different approach and new strategies. Basically, in this mode, any monster that is dead stays dead. However the inn replenishes very little HP and MP. Another thing worth noting, you can get the Ring directly without killing all the monsters and still get the bonus. Since you can NOT grind in this mode, it is dangerous if you're not sure how to play the game well.


You can inflict (and be inflicted by) several status ailments in this game. Here is a detailed explanation of each of them.
Note: some are boosts not status ailments.

 Poisoned: lose 12%HP per turn
 Diseased: 75% ST/RS/SP
 Bleeding: lose 15%HP per turn, 75% RS

 Unconscious: can't move (and evade), 50% RS, stays 3 turns + 50% each turn, 50% chance goes away if hit
 Paralyzed: can't move (and evade), 75% RS, stays 3 turns + 50% each turn
 Possessed: attacks your party, stays 3 turns + 50% each turn
 Seduced: can't move, stays 3 turns + 50% each turn, 50% chance goes away if hit
 Silenced: can't use magic, stay 6 turns + 50% each turn
 Afraid (removes Terrified): 75% ST/SP, can't evade, stays 4 turns + 50% each turn
 Terrified (removes Afraid): 75% ST/SP, 50% RS/MN, can't evade, stays 3 turns + 50% each turn
 Burned: 75% RS/MN
 Burning (removes Frozen, inflicts Burned): lose 25%HP per turn, 75% RS/MN, stays 3 turns + 50% each turn, 25% chance goes away if hit
 Frozen (removes Burning): can't move, 125% RS, stays 3 turns + 50% each turn, goes away 50% chance if hit
 Tired: 75% ST, 50% SP

 Strong (removes Weak): 150% ST, stays 6 turns + 50% each turn
 Resistant (removes Fragile): 200% RS, stays 6 turns + 50% each turn
 Fast (removes Slow): 200% SP, stays 6 turns + 50% each turn
 Spirited (removes Idiotic): 150% MN, stays 6 turns + 50% each turn
 Gigantic (removes Shrunk): 150% HP, stays 9 turns + 50% each turn

 Weak (removes Strong): 50% ST, stays 4 turns + 50% each turn
 Fragile (removes Resistant): 50% RS, stays 4 turns + 50% each turn
 Slow (removes Fast): 50% SP, stays 4 turns + 50% each turn
 Idiotic (removes Spirited): 50% MN, stays 4 turns + 50% each turn
 Shrunk (removes Gigantic): 50% HP, stays 4 turns + 50% each turn

 Enchanted (removes Cursed): 125% Hit Rate, 135% MN/AT/DF/DM, stays 9 turns + 50% each turn
 Cursed (removes Enchanted): 75% Hit Rate, 75% AT/DF/DM
 Magnetic: DM 150%, stays 6 turns + 50% each turn

 All element protections stay 6 turns + 50% each turn
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