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Laxius Force in a nutshell

Laxius Force in a nutshell

Postby Calthax » Fri Oct 14, 2016 11:44 pm

Anyways, since there has been no new Laxius related material. I will plan the following things.
-LaxiusSins (Everything Wrong with Laxius Games)
-Laxius Nutshell

Laxius Force in a Nutshell:

Travel, repeat, teleport in a high mountain on a abandoned building, snowstorm invades hometown, parents died and they shrug it off, travel, ride on a giant machine, repeat, travel in reverse to find plans to stop Arvendal Dome, heroes die, Yveen forces the heroes to go on trial to make Sarah an angel, and the game ends.

Also, I noticed this about Sarah's parents.
-The guard forbids you from going to the upper floor.
LaxiusSins: I would go up there if I were the Laxius Force, I am having trouble believing there is no evidence to the killers.
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