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Ma'gga Nahanaha quick defeat strategy

Ma'gga Nahanaha quick defeat strategy

Postby nighty » Fri Sep 16, 2016 6:21 pm

It took me quite a while to figure this one out - tried different equipment, different spells, different party members but finally "invented" this one. In most cases, you should effortlessly defeat the creature before it turns into milipuves, even with party at lower level. What you need is a bunch of Wave Vibrators (I think they were in the Institute Shop) and some luck.

My party:

Random - 43
Sarah - 41
Marion - 38
Ashbar -30

You can put anyone in the party instead of Marion and Ashbar. What is important, remember to give Random any Strength boosting items you have! The bigger strength he has the better. In my case, it was 2350.

Round One:

Everyone in the party use Wave Vibrator. Together you should deal around 4500 -5000 damage points.

Round two:

Random: Metallist Curse
Sarah: Attack Up on Random
Marion: Stone Barrier (not necessary)
Ashbar: Wave Vibrator/Defend (depends on how much damage you dealt in previous round. If around 4500 - 5000, use Wave vibrator again. If near 6000, DON'T.)

Round three:

Random: Normal Attack
Sarah: Defend
Marion: Defend
Ashbar: Defend.

My Random at the moment deals around 3000 - 3700 damage points, over 4000 if critical. In most cases, that should be absolutely enough to defeat the creature before it turns to Milipuves. Most cases meaning Random/Sarah didn't fell asleep, didn't get blinded or paralysed. If that annoying thing does turn into Milipuves, just load a previous save and start again. Wave Vibrator is also an amazing item against the horde of milipuves - kills ordinary milipuves (and the snowman, in case he appeared) in two attacks!

Also, be warned that you might need A LOT of replays to get the coveted Nahanaha needle. I honestly lost count how many times I fought with that thing before I got the needle.
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Re: Ma'gga Nahanaha quick defeat strategy

Postby clear » Wed Sep 21, 2016 1:12 am

Thanks for the big information +::clap +::clap
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Re: Ma'gga Nahanaha quick defeat strategy

Postby Irogath » Sun Feb 05, 2017 9:00 am


So I decided to share my winning strategy too. Of course, such fights depend very much on what level your party members are, what gears they have, which skills they have an access to, but for me this one worked 95% of the time, so it made the grind a little less annoying. I did it with Random at lv44, Sarah at lv43, Wendala 37 and Cocka 38. The trick to grinding the Nahanaha Needle is you need to find a rotation that doesn't include any variables such as crits. You need constant damage that stays the same almost every time so you don't accidentally get it to turn into Millipuves before Random finishes it off. Here is the rotation I used:

Round 1:
Random: Metallist Curse
Sarah: Attack Up (at this point my Sarah's attack up affected all party members)
Wendala: Iron X-Slash
Cocka: Attack

Round 2:
Random: Hero
Sarah: Defend or Attack, depending on your needs. Personally, I did fine without her attacking.
Wendala: Iron X-Slash
Cocka: Attack

Round 3: God's Blade with Random

At this point, Wendala and Cocka did about 1500 damage with each attack, which sums up to about 6000 before Random strikes. My Random does around 6-7k with God's Blade with all these buffs (of course, I buffed up the entire party with random item buffs before the fight), and that's constant damage, not crit. With such a huge damage output by Random you don't even have to go all the way up to 6000 damage with Wendala and Cocka, especially since there are some rare cases where Cocka crits and messes up the fight by spawning Millipuves (there was even one case where Cocka did a crit in the second round and killed it, but that's rare luck). Of course, any rotation with any of your characters works, as long as there aren't a lot of crits and the damage they do is enough, but the key here is to have at least God's Blade with Random, since normal attack just doesn't cut it. With normal attack you end up relying on him to crit and that's just not a good grinding strategy, considering how low the drop chance for the Needle is.
I hope this helps. Good luck grinding. +::Thumbup
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