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Postby Indinera » Mon Apr 13, 2009 11:02 am

By Mellowkat

Part 1: Mt Zulle and Indinera, click here:

Part 2/3: Marshlands, click here:

Part 4: Up to SankT Leona, click here:

Part 5: Rillia, click here:

Part 6: Sewers, click here:

Part 7: Outer World and Hall of Madness, click here:

Part 8: Malufus Maze and Final Battle, click here:

Part 9 : The final quests, click here:

By over_cloud9:

over_cloud9 wrote:Mellowkat rocks +::Dance ,her walkthrough was really helpful.You can also check out the walkthrough at Gamezebo with screenshots and maps.Some parts towards the end of the walkthrough(peak of the heroes,colessium) were taken from Mellowkats for completing it fast as it had crossed the deadline for submission date.The maps from Aldorlea were also included.

But I hope you'll like the details and in general.You'll find a bit written on why Indy games are different from the rest in my blog,the walkthough link is also posted there.
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