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Tips for doing the whole series in one go

Re: Tips for doing the whole series in one go

Postby loof123 » Tue Sep 27, 2016 10:49 pm

3rd game is my least favorite as well, but the side quests were okay IMO. You are probably gonna hate the side-quests of MM4 and MM5...

And I advise you to have a regular balanced party during MM4 and MM5. Party splits do also happen in MM4. And now that they will use their bare hands, some people will outshine the others. Having a balanced party is important.

About the secret rooms, some.of them were hard, I agree, like in Castle of Malice or so. But mostly it was still balanced IMO.

4 warriors left. And well... Hope you find them in time ;). MM4 is a great game, much better than 3rd.
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