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Dark Souls, Review

I know, Dark Souls is a old game lol. But it's very awesome that I thought that this game can't ''pass away'' without a review. lol Just kidding, Dark Souls is the first release of Warfare Studios, which scored a nice overall of 81% on a review in RPGFan. Now let's see my opinion about the game and maybe by what I will put here will make you play the game too. :D

Story - The story which looks very cliché turns to be very exciting. It all starts with Gauly (the main character) which have a very cold and rude personality, by playing the first minutes of the game you'll notice that Gauly is a wanted man due to his dark mercenary past. Back to the beginning of the game, Gauly escapes from two guards and hides in the village of Zedo which was the place that he was heading before the guards started to pursue him. In the following morning (he was escaping from the guards during night, lol, should've mentioned that before.) He head towards the church of the town, there he's charged to serve as a bodyguard of a girl with unknown power and escort her to a place called Shankar Temple. After refusing a lot, he accepts the job but because of a high quantity of money. In the journey he meets lots of people who will most hate Gauly because of his actvities which is looked with dark eyes from the church... themost exciting point of the game is that the party didn't get quite well, like real human beings which will take you to various conversations, scenes and dialogues that will let you hooked to the game until you're finished with the game or tired of playing. XD

Visuals - The game has a lot of places from plains to ice caves, deserts and even huge towers. All these places were made using default tilesets from the RPG Maker XP, however the mapping is fairly good, without much details, some are too linear which lose the fun of exploration. But dungeons are quite big which reminds you of those dungeons that you played in supernitendo games while you were a kid or maybe that you play right now with a snes emulator (which is my case lol)! The characters artworks aren't perfect like games such as Millennium and all but each developer has it own artist, however you'll see a lot of faces in this game, some that you will like and others that you will hate, same for the monsters artworks.

Audio - Musics were standard RPG Maker XP musics, I woudn't complain about that but in some places is used the same music very fast which makes you be very sick of the place.

Gameplay - Now, what to say about the gameplay, there isn't much features to offer but the menu are very well customized making navigation through menu very easy and relaxing. Also, the battle is very exciting... it's a side battle system with cool battlers sprites which moves when attacking, defending or casting a spell, this features makes the players love the battle and want to battle almost all the time. xD

Challenge - Dark Souls can be a quite dificult game if you don't put the right characters on a battle, specially boss battles, and if you don't fight to upgrade your characters. It should be enough to cross any place without danger if you fight all enemies that you encounter. ^^

Overall - If you liked games like Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger, Dark Souls will remind you very well of these games. I played, loved the storyline and the main characters, which can be considered a anti-hero. This game is very interesting and fun. If you want, you can get the game below.

Price: USD 19,99



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