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Arevan - The Bitter Truth, Review

Arevan - The Bitter Truth is the debut release of OverCloud9, the famous walkthrough maker. The game features great battles and exciting and not so hard puzzles. And also a very beautiful variety of places, artworks, musics and some other original features. And if you play the game, you will know the real meaning of bitter truth. I played and I can assure it. xD

Story - The story of the game is very interesting: mysterious murders are happening in all the kingdoms of the world, including in the kingdom of Arevan. King Solemaun, ruler of Arevan send his son Prince Maurean (the main character of the game) to other kingdoms to collect more information about these mysterious murders and the aid of the rulers of these kingdoms. After playing more and progressing more in the story, the game suddenly gets more exciting than it already was by letting us get even closer to the discovery of the assassin, and when the hero discovers who the assassin is, he will know the meaning of bitter truth.

Visuals - The maps of Arevan are done with standard RPG Maker VX tiles, dungeons are not very well done, they are very linear and it they don’t have much detail on them, however for me it was fun exploring those places, but I still think that dungeon maps could had been made with more details. Towns were very well done, the houses are very well done, windows and roofs were perfectly set in order to combine with the towns’ landscapes. In town we had some beautiful details like butterflies flying and with fountains here and there, which makes it more alive.
The artworks of the main characters were original and well done, each face and clothes combing with the class and personality of the characters, the artworks appears every time a character speaks, it is good because you will see their faces very often and match their speaking with their personality, that way you can judge yourself if the dialogue fits that person. And I must say that it fits. ^^

Audio - Arevan has an incredible set of music, OverCloud9 put them in the right places, each music combing with their respective scenes and places. However, some of them were really repetitive and some music didn’t combine with the magical atmosphere of the game.

Gameplay - The gameplay is very good, you can use both mouse and keyboard to control your character, in the options menu you can change the character speed, however, you will want to make the character run fast, cause his walk is too slow. lol
You can save anywhere in the game and it has a great feature, the auto-save, this is very good because you never know when you will encounter a strong enemy and lose, if that happens the auto-save will save your progress. ^^ And it is very good for those who forget to save. :D
Another good feature, the party changer, you can change party members anywhere, which means that you can swap party members to level up or chose the ones which you like. ^^

Challenge - Arevan is not a very challenging game, of course, it is if you don't level up as all the characters, but don't worry, it is very easy to download... monsters give you lots of experience which makes your party level up very fast. And the skill pills, which teach characters skills and magic lacks the player's will to level up, which can be a problem if you continue the game by only depending on them. Side-quests aren't also very hard to complete, but fun. ^^

Value - I don't know if players will agree with me, but this game can be finished with 10 to 15 hours, however the time can vary if you are going to complete all side-quests. Well, I tend to finish games very fast, and yes I pay attention to the story and enjoys the game too. lol Maybe the hours above it's just in my stand-point.

Overall - Arevan - The Bitter Truth is a very good, fun and professional game for a debut release in my honest opinion. It features lost of surprises which I'm sure that players is looking for in games, not what players wants most in games, but the players want to see lots of surprises and excitment in a game. ^^ I higly recommend it. Specially because I was one of the beta testers of this game. XD

Well, if you are interested... you can download the FREE DEMO (It's not a ONE HOUR TRIAL) or buy the full version of the game below for only USD 13,30


By D-Squall

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