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We are all waiting with great anticipation for the next and final instalment of our beloved Laxius Force, with LF3 we finally get all the answers we have been waiting for, or do we??, are there a few surprise in there some things we weren’t expecting? Well we will just need to wait and see but until then here’s a sneak interview Eridani managed to get for Indinera about LF3 and what the future hold for our heros.

Eridani: There is a lot of activity on the forums at the moment as anticipation of the release of LF3 builds - what can players expect from this game and are there any major differences to the previous instalments?

Indinera: LF3 will be the conclusion of the trilogy and as such they can expect to finally meet the Grand Commendanter!
What will be the outcome?..... the game will follow the style of its predecessors but also improve every area: it will be longer, the plot will be the best of all laxius games so far and the game will contain more than 40 playable characters! If you liked LF1 and 2, it would be a sin not to play LF3!

Eridani: You say conclusion of the trilogy but will this be the end of LF and its characters or is there more to come?

Indinera: The whole laxius story is a triple trilogy, so after LF there is another trilogy to come called Laxius S____. But LF3 does conclude the events that has occurred in Laxius Force 1 and 2 and is a genuine conclusion to this trilogy.

Eridani: 40 playable characters is a huge amount - will most of these be ones fans will already know or are their many new people to meet?

Indinera: There are definitely many new people to meet! But also a lot of old heroes returning. People involved in LF1 and 2 will be involved in 3 too.

Eridani: LF and its related predecessors are obviously something that has taken up many years of creation for you - have you ever altered the story in any major way as you have gone along or has it always stayed as it was first conceived?

Indinera: Some games have had more alterations than others. Laxius Power II and Laxius Force I and II are the closest to the original story. Laxius Force II in fact is almost exactly the story as I had originally conceived it. Laxius Force III will be very close as well. I should add that the part in Laxius Power I when they are in SankT Leona is also almost 100% like the original story lol. All in all they are quite faithful to the original story

Eridani: Many of the characters are ones that people have become very accustomed to over the years, are there any major surprises or shocks to come with them in this episode?

Indinera: Ahaha maybe, maybe not lol
Laxius Force III is the biggest shock-packed laxius game ever though lol
And I can tell death strikes O__o
Because the Grand Commendanter is not a little kid.

Eridani: Of all the LF characters are there any who you are particularly fond of and why?

Indinera: I like all of them but I particularly like the original 7: Random, Sarah, Luciana, Coryool, Guanidia, Herasia and Wendala.
I think Guanidia and Wendala has the best humour, and Sarah and Wendala have the best looks

Eridani: How soon after the release of LF 3 do you think you will start on the next trilogy? And will the next trilogy again feature mostly the same main characters?

Indinera: It's hard to tell as of now. Maybe mid 2011? Random, Sarah, Luciana etc are constant to the 9 episodes. There will be new characters too, and some from LF will resume in LS.

... I am new on Aldorlea...


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