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Hi everyone, after an entire week without news, we are going to make up to you with an interview with Indinera. Pretty interesting, it was fun knowing more about him. You can see the interview below:

D-Squall: First of all, thanks for doing this interview with me! I'm sure that all members of the board are anxious to know something more about you!

Indinera: Thanks D-Squall!

D-Squall: In 2009 you released 6 games and in 2010 you released 4 games are you happy as to how the projects of this year have turned out or you feel that you could've done more?

Well each year is different and this one was a bit more relaxed for me. Still, 4 games in total is hardly vacations so Iím happy with it. Besides some of those games were quite ambitious such as Laxius Force 3, or represented my finest work so far on many aspects like Millennium 3.

D-Squall: We know almost nothing about what you think about Dreamscape, from where has it come the idea of invading people's dreams? Lol

Indinera: I donít remember myself, I think it was a pretty sudden inspiration, as it often is with me. I wanted something different than what Iíd done already and somehow that came to mind.

D-Squall: In august you released Laxius Force 3 - The Last Stand, the last episode of Laxius Force Saga, how does it feel to complete two trilogies that are running for almost 10 years now?

Indinera: It feels very good and it also feels like quite a relief. This is one of the biggest and longest-running indie rpgs, and Iím proud of how it turned out.

D-Squall: We know very little about LS, the sequel to the Laxius Force Saga, care to tell us what we can expect from this new trilogy?

Indinera: It will feature old Laxius heroes such as Random, Sarah, Luciana, and the rest of the gang, as well as new ones.

Although Laxius Force III sorted out many things, there still remain quite a few unsolved points in the plot and this is what the last trilogy will be all about.

In terms of graphics and art I also intend to give it quite a face-lift which I was unable to do with the later LF episodes for the sake of coherence between the whole trilogy, and I believe it was the right thing to do.

D-Squall: And now, lets talk about Millennium. Millennium 3 is having a great success, even with Laxius fans who didnít know about the Millennium saga have interest, and I agree that Millennium is a very great game and series of episodes, now I want to know, what we can expect from the next two episodes of Millennium?

Indinera: Both remaining episodes will be very thrilling and suspenseful games, and I can tell you the finale will be absolutely grandiose. As for what will actually happen, I wonít hint. I donít like to give away spoilers... at least not so soon! ;-)

D-Squall: Lot of members are very indecisive about what's the best: Millennium 3 or Laxius Force 3, in your opinion, which one is the best? And why?

Indinera: I personally favour Laxius Force 3 as itís much bigger and the finale is very epic.

Millennium 3 is my finest work on many areas though. Both are excellent in my opinion.

D-Squall: Ah, in the forum you just created a topic to place our games in a list, from favourite to less favourite, what's your chart?

Indinera: Itís a very tough one, I like them all a lot. I would say:

Laxius Force 3



Laxius Force 2

Millennium 3

3 Stars of Destiny


Laxius Force

Millennium 2

D-Squall: What kind of games are you planning to do for 2011?

Indinera: I will try to complete the Millennium saga. Then I donít know. But what is sure is that Iíll try to create new styles and new gameplays like I did with Dreamscape. I think itís more interesting than doing the same type of game all the time.

D-Squall: A last question, members now don't know what to expect from you yet. Can you tell a game which you're planning apart from the ones that we already know, like Legend and Millennium 4?

Indinera: Hmmmm not really, in fact. Iíve got many ideas and projects written down but I donít know which one(s) Iíll pick yet.

D-Squall: Thanks for quenching our thirst Indinera! And thank you for sparing the time to do this interview!

Indinera: Thank you for the interest D-Squall!

By D-Squall

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