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News on the Forum!

Hello guys.
Aldorlea Magazine brings forth another article for your pleasure and keeping you updated with all the happenings in the forum.
So without further ado, letís jump in.


There have been some changes between the span of time of our issues.
As the regulars may have noticed, the look of the forums have been customised and all for the better.

Indinera even started a topic to ask for memberís opinions and suggestions in customising the site.
Many members have been enthusiastically giving their feedbacks and views. If you have insightful views, just give the link beyond a click.

Bodeia's Farewell

And now we come to the saddest news.
As most of you know, bodeia has resigned from the post of admin because she felt that she had given the community all she could.
Well, I and most of us Aldorleans don't agree, but keeping bodiea's decision in high regard, we somewhat reluctantly agreed to it.
And thanks to Cassiopeia, we even gave bodeia a little farewell present.
More details can be found on the following topics:

Bodeia's declaration:

Titaness' book revealed

Titaness' book "Senior moments" just got released, precisely on Feb. 22, 2011.
If you want to look at our Oracle amazing work, just click on the link.

Community Events

No community event is taking place right now, but we can be sure that beneath the surface, our admin and other members are stewing a grand event for the sake of our fun.
It makes me all the more excited just to think of it; I can barely wait.
Doesn't it excite you?
And for the busy persons between us; if you missed the "Love Boat" event, your loss.
Still you can check out what happened and learn a lesson; Aldorlea Community Events are something not to be missed.

Love Boat

And a last time entry, which I'm sure will please all of you... it pleased me...
The DreamLords event will begin on 24th...
Be sure not to miss it...

Forum Contests

The forum is running monthly contest as usual. You can vote or participate in these events. And do not worry if you are not a Mťnage member, you can still participate in these events.

Avatar Contest
Signature Contest
Creative Contest

So why are you waiting. Hurry up to the contest zone before it is too late.
Err... wait... read this article completely first. :-p
I'm sure nothing will change in some minutes. :-D

A new Homebrew game?

Erm... yours truly is planning to (finally!!) release a demo of Quest Saga I. For further information, you can always visit my thread:
Quest Saga I

Millennium 4: Beyond Sunset

As it to be suspected, the community is going rave about the fourth installment of the en-masse favourite, "Millennium Serious".
And there is not a reason for the opposite. From having a solid plotline, to wonderful artworks and fabulous music, Millennium series have everything you would except from a classic.
Getting curious about what is happening?
How much work is done?
Well, I canít answer this, just because I myself am clueless. But you can check out this link:

And hey listen.
Keep checking the Aldorlea Magazine; we have purchased the right to showcase the newest screenshots and give out the super-hot information from Indinera, just for you lot.
But you didn't hear this from me.

Aldorlea Everywhere!

Yes you read that right. Aldorlea have been expanding because of the craze Aldorlea games cause with RPG fans.
But why am I saying this? it is not as if it is some sort of news; it's just common knowledge.

Aldorlea Facebook Page
This is the place where you will be notified of everything. And when I say everything, I mean it. From game updates to notification about new articles published in Aldorlea Magazine, you will be notified about everything.

Aldorlea YouTube Channel
Overwhelmed by the choices of fabulous RPG's offered by Aldorlea. Want to choose one out of the perfectly made RPG's?
Hard choice, I thoroughly understand. So why not go and take a look at these fabulous videos, which are sure to blow your mind off and hint you about what to except during game play.

Aldorlea DeviantArt Page
Like some character art from the game?
Or want to submit fanart to show your appreciation?
This is the place for it. Just inform Indinera, if you need to submit fanart and he will sure to get the dice rolling.

Aldorlea on Mediafire
Aldorlea Dev's game making skills combined with Mediafire fast and reliable download.
What else can you ask for!
Every single one of Indinera game is available to download from Mediafire.

Have a happy week.
(I can't believe it's already over.)

This is me, signing off...


... I am new on Aldorlea...


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