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Some News about Indinera's Mystery Game!

Last month, when Indinera posted the Aldorlea's newsletter, something very different was announced! It was news that no one was expecting, that he's helping a new developer release their first game! This was great news for all of us, and excitement grew amongst the Aldorlea members. What's better is, with Indinera helping this new developer in the making of the game, there's no doubt it will reflect his style and creativity, which means fun and quality. :D

According to what Indinera has said so far (evasive as always!), it's going to be a big game, with 30 characters and more. :) If you want to ask Indinera questions about this joint project, go to this topic.

Now let's go to what you all are waiting for... some information about this mystery game.

Indinera said that details about the mystery game will be few for the moment, but be prepared as all Aldorlea members will soon be unable to contain their excitment, and are likely to become an unruly mob! You can bet on that! lol

Another thing I can tell you readers, is that Indinera said the game will be out in mid-April. xD Sorry, looks like you'll all be dying of anticipation for the time being. lol

The Screens

First, each menage will recieve one screen. Yeah, you're not blind! lol And, they will keep it a secret..... what? You're not a menage member? You won't be able to see the screenshot if you sit around and do nothing! what are you waiting for? Join a menagerie of Aldorlea, so you can see one of the screens Indinera will give to each menage. To join check this topic.

Here's something to keep your appetite and if you want more go join a menage!

The Contest

You think the information about the screenshot was good? You'll think this contest is even better. lol

Okay, remember that contest to win a free copy of Millennium 3? Well, Indinera will do it again, another contest to win a free copy of this mystery game! AWESOME!!! Not many details have been revealed yet of the contest, but it will be held on April 1st (Do you believe that will be an April Fool's joke? Well, we'll have to wait to find out! lol)

The Mysterious New Developer

Now this isn't an April Fool joke! lol Who's this new developer that Indinera is working with? What's the name of his company, and where is his company? Stay tuned because Indinera... YES.... Indinera, said he will reveal that on the day of... March 30th! Yeah, that's it. And, I'm sure that if Indinera's helping this new developer, he will be one of our favorite developers, like Indy is. Just wait and stay tuned. XD


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