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News On the Forum!

Hello folks and a belated Happy New Year.
Do you remember us? Or maybe not. :-p
So just to recap your memory a little, we are the same folks who provide you with your monthly dosage of Aldorlea happenings, and after a short vacation in Hawaii, we are back.
Without further ado, let's jump down in another exicing issue of Aldorlea Magazine.

Magazine Makeover

As you might be seeing right now -- unless you are using a screen reader -- that the Magazine has gone through a complete makeover.
And as the humble creator of this makeover, I will like to know your views because I fear Indinera will be more then ready to kill me by now, taking in account of all the time I have bothered him. :-D
Will you like to see more fascinating and tempting features in your beloved magazine? Do you have an idea that you believe will make the Magazine more beautiful?
If you answered any of those question with a nod or yes, then let us know. After all, we live on our reader's happiness.
And your comments will be grealy appreciated, since the Magazine new makeover is still in its alpha stage.

Forum Changes

As you have already noticed, the Aldorlea forum went through some changes, the only affected area being the Games and Creativity Section. And the most important change was -- which I am sure is a welcome addition to the forum -- addition of a Fan Work thread.

And Kylie deserves special mention here because of the many Millennium artworks she had contributed to the community.

Of course that thread is not alone for Fan Arts and if you are a writer, you are more than welcome to contribute in the Fan section; it can be your way of showing appreciation of the hard work Indinera puts in his game.

I'm back...

... and with plenty of hugs to spare" is the title of the thread Zeriab created, announcing his return from what we -- at the Aldorlea Magazine -- presume to be a vacation away from the glittering world of Ruby. :-p
As most of you may know, Zeraib helped Indinera through the scripting aspect of his games, and has collaborated with him in many games.
Drop by his thread to say hello; if anything, you will get a free hug. and hugs are cool. :-p

The Book of Legend

Or TBOL for short..
Another one of Indinera-Ensorcelled collabaration -- the first one being Sylia, which was a big hit with Aldorlean's -- and from the looks of it, it is another hit in making.
I mean just look at the game thread, 355 posts already and it's yet to be released. It's release is slated somewhere in January and it doesn't take a genius to anticipate the post-tsunami the game will bring foreward with it is released. I can already picture players popping their fingers in anticipation.
It's popularity can only be rivaled by Millennium 5 popularity, whose fanbase seems to be growing as large as that of Laxius Series, and that statement tell tales in its own way.

And for everyone who have managed to stick with us for this long, we have a gift for you.
We present to you a super-secret thing we have maneged to steal from Indinera's cupboard. :-D

Enjoy. :-)

Happy Birthday EmeraldEyez

The staff of aldorlea Magazine will like to extend their heartfelt congratulations to EmeraldEyez who turned 33 this Monday (that is, 09, January, 2012).
She has been a wonderful member of the ever growing Aldorlea community and has done a wonderful job as a Games Mod. She is also the Cheif of the Dreamlord of Myst Menage, and I believe the Menage member will fully agree when I say that she has done a wonderful job of managing it.
We would have really liked to gift you a cake, but we are kind of on a tht schedule, so please bear with us. :-p Once again, Happy 33rd birthday.
We hope that you enjoyed your birthday to the max.

Aldorlea Top 25

On the 1st of Jannuary, journeying through infinte amount of circuits and electronic waves, came a newletter from the hidden caves of Aldorlea,
You wonder what was so speical in it that it needed a special mention here...
Surely you jest or perhaps you were just too lazy to open it.
Well, like always, your trustworthy magazine is here to shed some lights on tha matter because it is a piece of information that shouldn't be missed for Indinera has declared in the newsletter that he will be showing us a list of the "Top 25 Games of 2011 on Aldorlea".
And true to his words, Indinera had already unveiled the last 15 games and like always, he is keeping us tethered to the very edge of our chairs, as our over-worked mind whirl around rpeating the same question again and again, "Which games will make in the Top 10?"
Like you, I am clueless and in the state of utter excitement.
Let's just wait for Indinera to uncover the veil of secrecy.

Every good things come to an end...

And we are no exception...
Of course, I fancy myself by thinking that it was as pleasant experience for you as it was for me while writing it...
Don't forget to let your views known.
So this is me bidding adieu...


... I am new on Aldorlea...


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