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Hello all!

Hey there folks. It’s been a long time since we last met and yes, I know we should be ashamed. But we promise that Aldorlea Magazine will publish more frequently (at least monthly) from now on.
For all the new members out there, welcome to our wonderful community. We are the folks who provide you with the inside scoop of Aldorlea happenings and after another not-so-short vacation in Hawaii, we are back.
Enough slacking, let’s get the ride going.

New Games

It’s been a long-long time and many awe-inspiring games have been released by many developers and Indinera is no exception. He released two games; the first one was another joint venture by Aldorlea & Ensorcelled, The Book of Legend or TBoL for short and the other was Moonchild. Both games have been well-received by critics and the Aldorlea community.
Seeing that we are a magazine published by Aldorlea, I won’t say anything about the games because it will be “tooting our own horn”. Instead I will let you see it for yourself.

(At the time of writing, no official review of Moonchild has been written)

Forum Changes

It’s all fine and dandy that two great games have been released, but what’s more exciting than it...
You guessed right, juicy info about the Millennium and Laxius series. These are the two (game) series which helped Aldorlea make a name for itself and they are a favourite among the community.
Millennium 5 - The Battle of the Millennium is one of the most awaited game this year and for good reasons. The previous four games have been really successful and have been praised by almost everyone for reasons too many to list here. And if our sources are to be believed, MM5 is going to be released this autumn.
And to everyone who is living under a rock, Indinera has announced another Laxius games, titled Laxius S______. Yeah you read it right; he is keeping the name hidden from us. But still, another Laxius game; it’s a great news in itself and I believe that every Laxius fan out there will vehemently agree with me.
Oh and another wonderful news, LS plot is written

(You can visit Mr. Source for other juicy info)

Ready, steady... GREENLIGHT

Almost everyone in the gaming community knows about Steam Greenlight. It has been an interesting topic of discussions for quite a while, among players and developers alike. I mean, everyone wants to play good games and Indie developers want to show their games to the world. And there is hardly any better platform then Steam for making your game accessible to a wide player-base.
So what’s the meaning behind introducing Steam Greenlight to you? The reason is simple; Indinera has put in one of his game there, a game title many old-school RPG players are familiar with, Millennium.

Ahem... excuse my pitiable attempt at making a pun.


It has been a long time since we last published, and in the span of the time, Indinera has given three interviews. While two of them could be a considered a professional interview, the last one -- started by our very own Tomas -- was a community interview where the community asked Indinera questions.
It's popularity can only be rivaled by Millennium 5 popularity, whose fanbase seems to be growing as large as that of Laxius Series, and that statement tell tales in its own way.

And as promised by Tomas, here is the interview, just scroll down to the next section.

The Community Interview

First, can you reveal something about yourself that we don't know yet (first name, age, number of siblings, favorite color, ... anything)?
I’ll reveal all of them then: Damien, 30ish, dunno (big family here) and, err, I used to have a favourite color when I was a teen, not so much anymore.

On UK radio, there's a programme Desert Island Discs. The guest has to imagine that he or she has been cast away on a desert island and can only have 8 tracks of music. What would be your 8? You're also allowed one book; what would it be? And one luxury, of no practical use at all - what would it be?
Tough choice as I’m an avid music fan and I’d need to reflect a bit on it. I’d probably pick directly from my fav songs.

Domino by Genesis
Ripples by Genesis
Fading Lights by Genesis
Jesus of Suburbia by Green Day
Lady Nina by Marillion
Ordinary World by Duran Duran
Dix Ans Plus Tot by Michel Sardou
Messages by OMD

Book – I don’t know. Not much of a reader.

And what the heck is a “luxury”? I’d take sunglasses, but I suppose it’s considered useful, aha.

If I find a way to plug it into something, I could bring my keyboards with me. xD
Or sheets of paper to keep making new games, because I want to have fresh stuff when I get rescued, aha

What motivated you to start making your own games and what was your first successful game?
When I was a teenager, I was making games all the time – on sheets of paper, that is. Big games of hundred of pages. When I discovered RPG Maker, I was ecstatic. A dream come true. My first game Laxius Power was hugely successful (5 million downloads at the time, lost track of it now), so I guess this one qualifies as an answer.

From where do you get your inspirations for the games and have you always had a very imaginative mind?
Yeah I was born with it… I mean, imagination. I’ve always created stories, even when I was 5 I was writing them, although you’d probably not want to play these, aha.
My inspiration mostly comes from music and in particular epic pieces from Genesis.

In your opinion how would you define what makes a great game - eg story, artwork, characters etc?
I guess it’s overall quality, a harmony between all the aspects of the games. Also, length and replay value are huge assets in my opinion. I also like twists and original characters. There you go, all the criteria that matter the most to me.

You've made game making your profession. Now you're producing games one after the other. Do you still love making games like you did when you started or has it become sort of a "duty" sometimes? Did you ever regret choosing this way of life?
I don’t regret at all. It’s my second dream work behind rock star. And I still love making those games! Each new story is a new adventure, a new boat to lead to the port. It’s a fantastic experience all the time and this is probably why you often tell me I keep getting better. I always want to give the best of myself!

Do people around you know that you make games or is it something you usually don’t say? And what was your family’s reaction to choosing this life path? Were they proud of you or did you need to convince them that „Making games is a job, too“?
Friends and family know. My family started being proud only when it started making money, otherwise it’s the broken record “find a safer job”, “art (or creation) is too unstable” etc… kinda sad but kinda true, too.

What about having fans? Have it changed something for you? Were there moments after releasing LPI when you suddenly realized that someone from the other side of the world knew and played your game?
It did occur to me a couple of times. Obviously, I’m not making AAA games, but the level of success is enough that I have followers, fans and people enjoying my stuff from all over the world. That said, each new game almost feels like a brand new challenge. You never know if people are going to like it. I wouldn’t say it’s going back to square zero, cuz it isn’t, but success is never a given, that’s for sure.

When you started making LPI, did you ever think it would come this far?
Hmmm nope, but you always somehow hope it will. At least I did.

You once mentioned that you wrote stories in your head as you walked to university. Is that when the Laxius story began to take shape, or was it later?
It was before, actually. When I was around 15, I came up with the 6 canon characters (6 first of LP1). The whole story matured a huge lot during those walking sessions though, especially for part in Astral-Litz.

When you want to get the music for a game, do you give the composer(s) a completely free hand, or do you make suggestions about mood etc.?
I try to see what they have and what I can use. I prefer to be able to choose, because sometimes what I have in my mind for a scene or a place is not what the musician has in his mind.

How do you name your characters? There are so many, do you have a list of potential names, or just think of them as you go along?
I don’t name them. They come to me and tell me their stories.

There are many tragic moments in your games. How do you feel when you create them? Do you regret it sometimes and have compulsion to change it? Or do you just see it as a necessity and never look back?
I can’t look back. Stories exist and can’t be changed.

Do your own children enjoy playing your games, and do they give you ideas to use in the stories?
I don’t have children, I’m afraid.

Will you be turning more of your stories into rpgs for us to enjoy?
Most likely, yes. I still have a lot under my sleeve. Apparently I had plenty of walking to do when I was younger xD

Can you give us a little teaser about your projects?
Not really… unless you tell me what kind of teaser you have in mind?

Who is your favorite animal character from the Laxius games, so far?
Probably Guanidia, he’s just so funny, and his fighting style is unique!

When did you first come up with the idea of Bokden?
I like the idea of a recurring character that you can encounter in the most unlikely places. He is the quintessential explorer.

Do you think Titaness will ever catch Bokden??????
No, but he has caught her, so the result is the same aha

And last, can you post a picture of yourself while wearing sunglasses?
You mean, an old one? I’m sure Google can help you on that!

Every good thing come to an end...

And we are no exception...
This issue has been a rough ride and I sincerely hope that you enjoyed it.
And before I wrap it up, a big THANK YOU! to loof and Tomas. :-)
So this is me bidding adieu.


... I am new on Aldorlea...


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